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Since the days the pioneers first settled in Florida, agriculture and agricultural development has been of paramount importance to the expansion of commerce in Florida and on the Treasure Coast, in particular. We draw an immediate connection to citrus and cattle to our area. On extremely valuable barrier island land, on which multi-million dollar homes now stand, groves of grapefruit trees producing world-famous “Orchid Island” grapefruit were planted. Swampy marshlands to the west of Vero Beach were developed into thousands of acres of orange and grapefruit groves producing “Indian River” citrus — the citrus of preference, worldwide.

Insurance for your ranch from The Crockett Insurance GroupLikewise, many of the earliest settlers of this area were cattlemen. Thousands and thousands of acres in Indian River County and the surrounding counties of St. Lucie, Okeechobee, and Osceola provided the pasture land necessary to develop the major cattle operations now found in our area. More than our cattlemen simply developing large operations, they have built operations notable for their unique contributions. One local rancher has developed an entirely new breed called a “Braford” by cross breeding Brahma and Hereford cattle. Another well known rancher in Okeechobee County has gained national recognition for maintaining a successful cattle operation of nearly 10,000 head while being ecologically conscientious.

Thus continues the rich heritage of cattlemen and citrus growers and the continuation of the expansion of agribusiness in our area. Our local agriculture now includes crops our pioneers never dreamed of, such as the recently introduced Florida peach. Hundreds of acres of herb production takes place in Indian River County and the largest potato grower in the state is not far away. Organic and sustainable farming has become quite prevalent in our locale. New commodities like these along with the traditional citrus and cattle are being insured for the agribusiness clients of The Crockett Group.

Matter of fact, some of the agents at The Crockett Group have experience in agribusiness that extends back for more than twenty years! They have experience in working with some of Florida’s top growers, farmers, and ranchers. They have written and administered policies for harvesters, pickers, truckers, and haulers. They have worked with the top packing houses in our area. We even insure international agricultural commerce with our exporters policy.

Organic farm insurance from The Crockett Insurance GroupMore importantly, though, we take great pride in staying on the leading edge of agribusiness insurance requirements. For example, those growing commodities that will go to market with minimal processing, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, know that absolute traceability is required by many retailers. Along with that ability to trace the origin of your commodity comes a huge liability for product safety. The Crockett Group will protect you with “farm liability” coverage that will be a safeguard from this potential risk. We have partnered with well experienced, top rated companies that are committed to agricultural coverages, such as FCCI Agribusiness. We know your risks and we speak your language. Call us today and . . . see what The Crockett Group can do for your agribusiness.

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