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Auto Insurance Ford Model TBack in the days of the first automobiles, such as the Model-T, selecting an auto to purchase was quite simple. They were all the same color, had the same engine, and carried the same equipment. However, today when you purchase your current automobile, you have to make a number of decisions before you can make your final selection. Each of us selects the vehicle that “fits” our preferences and needs.

So it is when we select the automobile insurance necessary to protect our investment in our auto. Not only must we consider the value of the auto and the costs associated with repairing or replacing it in the event of an accident. The potential of medical costs due to injuries must also be taken into account. The exposure to financial liability and one’s tolerance of that exposure must be reflected in the auto coverage selected and coordinated with one’s personal umbrella in constructing the policy coverage. Protection against another motorist that has failed to properly insure their vehicle must be taken into consideration.

Auto Insurance for your carWe offer auto coverage for both commercial and personal use, for drivers young and not so young, for drivers with “clean” driving records and for drivers with some blemishes on their records. As an independent agency, The Crockett Group offers a broad selection of auto insurance companies equal to any insurance agency on the Treasure Coast. We insure new cars, old cars, sports cars, show cars, and collectibles. We insure trucks — large and small trucks, personal and commercial trucks. We also insure golf carts, motorcycles, ATV’s motor homes, and trailers. If it has wheels and goes on the road, chances are very good that we have a policy that will exactly “fit” your needs!

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