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Boats, yachts, and personal watercraft are an important part of the Florida lifestyle. Throughout the state, we go to our lakes, rivers, and coastal areas for recreation and enjoyment. On our waterways, you will find watercraft of every size, shape, and means of propulsion. As an independent agency writing all forms of personal and commercial insurance coverage for our clients, The Crockett Group has positioned ourselves to offer virtually all forms of boat and marine insurance coverages.

Insurance coverage for sailboats, pleasure boats, yachts, and personal watercraft are all readily available and are frequently written by The Crockett Group. Our pleasure boat policies are a great, low-cost option for recreational boats valued up to $150,000. While replacement cost valued policies are also available as a special option, these actual cash value policies pay the fair market value for the insured boat and equipment in the event of a loss at a very economical premium. This is the perfect boat insurance policy for the smaller, moderately priced boat.

Whether you are venturing no further than the other side of the lake or to the other side of the world, we can write coverage that protects you from the risks commonly found on the water. We offer coverage for boats and yachts up to 68’ in length, 25 years of age, and with operating speeds of 55 MPH. We can insure hull values up to $2,000,000, tenders or dinghies, and personal effects. With agreed value protection for your boat and equipment, you can enjoy year round coverage, your choice of deductibles, medical coverage for your crew and passengers, and your choice of liability limits.

We can also offer you salvage assistance and wreck removal, hurricane haul out coverage, pollution liability up to $800,000 and uninsured boater protection. With the 24/7 claims service manned by boating experts offered by some of our companies, you will never be alone when you need assistance in the case of emergency. Through our extensive network of marine underwriters, we can offer insurance coverage for personal watercraft, pleasure boats, yachts, superyachts (with hull values up to $25 million), and charter boats. We can even offer liability only policies for some boats that have no lien holder. So complete is our marine coverage that we can even help you insure your marina if you have chosen to turn your passion into a vocation.

Because we share your love for boating and for the water, we will anxiously look forward to meeting with you and to writing a custom designed policy that precisely protects you from your unique boating risks.

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