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Church Insurance from The Crockett Insurance Group

Our places of worship — churches, synagogues, temples, meeting halls, and cathedrals — are of all sizes, shapes, and constructions in Vero Beach. We have congregations that are nearly as old as Vero Beach, itself, meeting in stately and majestic buildings of sizes befitting the largeness of its attending members. We also have newly-formed congregations meeting in schools, hotel conference rooms, and modified storefronts while waiting for its membership to grow.

Likewise, these various sized churches have widely varying resources available to them with which to do their work. The larger churches will have several members on their staff, both clergy and professional, to accomplish their missions. The small, newly-organized church may have little or even no paid staff in their employ. They may rely heavily on volunteers to achieve their goals to minimize their expenses.

Despite the many apparent differences between these organizations, the commonalities are just as numerous. They are all working to accomplish the mission of their ministries, not to make a profit. They are not designed to make money, as we would think of a business to do. Instead, they operate on a non-profit basis and use their resources to grow their ministries.

Ironically, though, most of the laws that apply to “business” also apply to churches, even though they operate as a non-profit. They are subject to the same liabilities of a commercial enterprise, for example. They are subject to the same financial loss caused by fire or theft as a business might be subjected to. They can experience injuries on their property from either employees or volunteers for which they need insurance protection.

The difference in the insurance coverage that will be recommended to your church by The Crockett Group is that we represent several companies that offer special packages of coverage that are designed specifically for churches, large and small. Because we are experienced in working with churches of all sizes and maturities, we will be able to recommend the package of insurance that precisely fits your churches’ needs and budget. Because we are active members of our own churches, we will be very familiar with the needs of your church. Call our church professionals and . . . see what The Crockett Group can do for you!

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