Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance from The Crockett Insurance Group

In a progressive and affluent community such as Vero Beach, there always seems to be activity of new construction, renovations, and repairs. This activity has a far reaching impact on the economy of Vero Beach and Indian River County. Likewise, it is a major source of business activity for The Crockett Insurance Group.

In Vero Beach there are extremely large local general contractors taking contracts on schools, office buildings, and condo complexes. However, there are also rather small owner-operated general contracting companies building homes, making repairs, and remodeling existing structures —and, of course, everything in between these two extremes. The highly-experienced agents and staff of The Crockett Insurance Group have complete knowledge of the needs of general contractors, large and small.

Supporting and complementing the work of the general contractors are artisans and subcontractors of every nature. It is the roofers, drywall installers, painters, electricians, plumbers, and tile & carpet installers that put the finishing touches on the projects that the general contractors begin. Just as is the case with the general contractors, The Crockett Insurance Group has years of experience with the trades and can often anticipate their needs before being asked.

What is common to all members of the construction industry, whether the general contractor or the subcontractor, is the need for precise, timely, and detailed service. It is in the area of customer service that The Crockett Insurance Group stands out and differentiates itself from other agencies. Performance and other type bonds are prepared and issued with absolute accuracy. Certificates of Insurance requests are satisfied almost instantaneously. Mobile equipment, tools, and vehicles are added to policies immediately upon notification.

If you work in the construction industry, The Crockett Insurance Group knows your business and your needs. We invite you to call us today and . . . see what The Crockett Insurance Group can do for your construction company!

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