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As you look to satisfy your insurance needs in Vero Beach,The Crockett Group stands out in offering you proven performance in selecting proper coverages, in finding you competitive prices in premiums, and in superior customer service. We are committed to doing business the “old Vero Beach way.” We are dedicated to knowing and developing relationships with each of our clients. Instead of relying solely on automated phone messages and electronic communication, we continue to talk, one-on-one, with our clients, to be aware of their needs, and to service those needs quickly and thoroughly. In each of our departments a highly trained, experienced professional awaits you and your insurance challenge. Through years and years of experience, each professional at The Crockett Group has gained an understanding of the optimum coverage essential to protecting your most precious assets. Whether you require a personal auto insurance policy, a precisely detailed commercial business policy, a life insurance policy, a highly complex pollution liability policy, or an extremely detailed policy to safeguard your international trade, The Crockett Group has working relationships with the companies that write these coverages and understands how to tailor the coverage to meet your insurance needs. Rarely should a policy remain static. From time to time vehicles and locations change, limits of coverage should be reviewed, and claims must be filed. It is in the area of Customer Service that The Crockett Group shines brightest. Come meet our experienced, mature, and professional staff and … see what The Crockett Group can do for you!

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