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Aperson’s home will, many times, represent the largest single investment they will ever make. To guard against economic loss to insured locations and personal property, and legal liabilities for injuries and damage arising from residences and personal activities, a homeowners package policy is applied. The homeowners policy may be written in one of six different forms, each insuring the property of a homeowner, a renter, or a condo owner, with slight differences in the perils covered. With each form, the liability coverage is the same.

The staff of The Crockett Group will solicit quotations from one or more carriers, depending on the unique characteristics of the property to be insured. Most all companies will have a specific “appetite” for different types of property or for properties in different locations. Through the years of experience of our staff, they have learned these likes and dislikes of each carrier and have developed an understanding of which company will give the best value for each type property. With this developed knowledge, our staff can seek the most complete, comprehensive coverage at the lowest premium.

The Crockett Group Insurance Agent Ilen StatlerOur knowledgeable staff can assist and guide you in learning which property inspections are meaningful to you. They can offer you a list of approved inspection companies and can guide you regarding the relative worth of home improvements to meet inspection standards such as installing shutters, installing storm rated garage doors, and such. While the homeowners policy appears to be quite common and general in nature, the coverage can vary widely. Our staff at The Crockett Group wants you to understand exactly what your policy will and will not cover and is prepared to explain those coverages to you. Finally, our staff is here for you in filing and following-up on a claim with your carrier. While we cannot circumvent the carrier’s system or procedure, perhaps we can help you cut through the many lines of communication in search of information. Each of us at The Crockett Group will strive to ensure you the peace of mind that comes from a solid, thoughtful insurance plan that will protect your property from all anticipated risks.

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