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Small Business Insurance from The Crockett Insurance Group, Vero Beach

Small Business Insurance for your store

We have frequently said, in various advertisements and promotions, “you have more to think about than insurance.” When considering the small independent businessman, this is truer than ever! With increased government regulation, escalating taxes, and rising workers’ compensation rates, these enterprising individuals face challenges they have never before experienced.

Many insurance agencies aggravate the problems facing the small businessman by causing property, liability, business auto, and other business coverages to be out of reach for them. Many insurance agencies stipulate a minimum size requirement on policies on which they will work. So, if your business is not listed among the “Fortune 500,” many agencies are unable to find the time to advise you of your insurance needs and to seek out the most desirable, competitive coverage possible. So, you may end up with a policy that may or may not address your needs, or for which you will pay some sort of minimum premium that their agency procedures require.

Our agency procedure is to do whatever necessary to offer the insurance coverage you need, regardless of the size of the premium or of the effort required. At The Crockett Insurance Group, we make our very best effort to find the exact policy that meets your needs to insure your risks at the most competitive premium. You will receive our best attempt to give you the attention and consideration given to our other customers.

We may find a Business Owners Package (BOP) that perfectly meets your needs from a single carrier or we may need to craft combined coverage from several different carriers. In either case, we will endeavor to present to you a comprehensive and affordable coverage that perfectly fits your requirements and budget.

Regardless if you need our assistance with your business that has been handed down through three generations in your family or if you need help with your business that you have newly formed, call on our commercial insurance professionals and . . .
see what The Crockett Group can do for your Small Business!


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