The Crockett Insurance Group Serves the Vero Beach Community

The Crockett Insurance Group loves Vero Beach!

Please pardon our enthusiasm, but we need to tell you… we love Vero Beach!

Crockett Insurance Group Staff Community Service

Many businesses are quick to tell you about how they are “involved” in their communities. At The Crockett Insurance Group, however, it is clearly understood that “Community Involvement” entails much more than allowing our names to be added to a roster. Sure, we serve on the boards and on the committees at numerous charities just as the members of the “involved” companies do. Our names appear in the credits at charity events right along those from other businesses. In any given year, though, we will also be found serving a hot meal to those that have no home, making cotton candy on the midway at the St. Helen’s Harvest Festival, organizing a fundraising dinner for CARENET®, being a chaperone at our children’s magnet school field trip, or sponsoring a table of donors for a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser. We are not only involved, but actively engaged and “giving forward” each day to our hometown that we love — Vero Beach.

The Crockett Group serves Vero BeachThe members of The Crockett Insurance Group staff take great pride in being active, engaged members of the Vero Beach community. Whether they are volunteering at their children’s schools, at their churches, or at a charity, they work hard to find time to give of their resources to our community. In the photo above, a few members of the Crockett staff join the chairman of the board of “The Source,” a homeless resource center in Vero Beach, in cooking and serving a hot meal they prepared to serve to the homeless clients on a cold, blustery winter’s day.

The Crockett Insurance Group has been a frequent sponsor to the Riverside Children’s Theatre for the past several years. In June of this year, we had the opportunity to sponsor a show entitled “Winnie the Pooh Kids.” In this photo, Jim and Helen Crockett and granddaughters are shown with members of the cast following the production.

How do people that are truly blessed prepare for Christmas? By assuming “Red Kettle Duty” the week before Christmas, of course. Here we see Helen Crockett, President of The Crockett Group, ringing her bell and accepting contributions in front of a Publix Supermarket in Vero Beach during her lunch break.